Maximize your ad revenue with Smart Refresh

Smart Refresh by MonetizeMore is an incredible feature that refreshes an ad unit conditionally. Smart refreshes consistently get great viewability, great engagement, and most importantly, greater revenue.


Are you a publisher looking to optimize your ad refreshes?

Why Smart Refresh is the best tool for you

MonetizeMore team has been incessantly using the Smart Refresh Plugin with our publishers, and the results speak for ourselves. We saw a gain of at least 30% more in revenue and an increase in the overall publishers' ad inventory quality.

Refresh your ad inventory in a smarter way

Instead of the traditional time-based refreshes, our Smart Refresh plugin will optimize the ad inventory based on your website user's engagement. You can modify the in-view distance as well as the refresh timeout to make sure viewability and engagement stay up.

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Why choose Smart Refresh by MonetizeMore

Refreshes Based on Engagement

The Smart Refresh activates the ad refresh only when you have a higher chance of viewability.

The tool will analyze your audience's behavior to find the right moment to display your ads.

No-Code Solution

You don't have to be a programmatic expert to optimize your ad inventory.

The Smart Refresh plugin empowers you to optimize your ad refresh with a single click, inside your own configuration, without any code required.

Unified Reporting

Combined with MonetizeMore's powerful data-driven reports about profit attribution, discrepancies, data privacy, Smart Refresh which will help you make more profitable content and ultimately boost your ad revenue.

Success Story

At, I’m a delighted Smart Refresh client. We tested Smart Refresh on my site, which gets more ads in front of my readers. Amazingly, it required almost no work on my end yet it increased my Session RPM by almost 90% without adverse side effects.

Jim Frost

We worked with (now and ran an A/B test against AdSense in 2018. Enabling Smart Refresh during this test resulted in an increase of 20% for both page and session RPM . To make it even better, it’s not intrusive to the users at all and we started beating AdSense by over 40%.

Ad Optimizer, M2